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Why I do Bridal Styling...

The truth is...I love brides and weddings. Having been a successful wedding photographer for nearly a decade, I have worked with all different kinds of brides and all different kinds of weddings. Every wedding is the birth of a new family and a sacred day in the life of a woman. As an internationally certified Master Image Coach and a lifelong student of fashion and style, I know how to bring your vision of your dream bridal look into reality. I am happy to work within any budget you have in mind, knowing there are great dresses and creative solutions out there.

The Process

  • We will start with identifying your skin tone to ensure we choose the perfect shade of white to make you glow.

  • Next, I will assess your body shape, face shape and proportions to aid in selecting the right dress and neckline shapes.

  • We will identify your unique style personality which will be instrumental as we select the details and overall style of your dress.

  • I will create a mood board of suggested styles to help guide you on your journey to "Say Yes To The Dress!"

  • Depending on the package you choose, I will even accompany you shopping. I speak the language and can help you navigate the sea of bridal shops to find your dress faster.

  • Also depending on the package, I can be there on your wedding day to help you dress and ensure you are "picture perfect." After the ceremony, I will be on-hand to help you bustle your dress if needed, before heading into the reception.

Fill out the form below, to receive more information and a link to book your complimentary Discovery Call with me. 

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