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So, What's The Big Deal About Image?

Do you know what "image" is?

Do you know what kind of image you are projecting?

Did you know that people form an impression of you in less than 7 seconds based on your image?!!!

Let us first talk about what "image" is...

Your image is the way you are perceived by those that observe you. It is the impression you make. This can be in-person or virtually; by strangers or people who know you; by prospective employers, clients, friends, or possibly a potential mate. It is made up of:

  • your appearance (the colors you wear, the way your clothes fit, the messages your clothes send, your hair, skin, makeup, grooming, etc.,)

  • your behavior (your body language, interpersonal skills, mannerisms, etiquette, etc.,)

  • your communication skills (how you speak, what you say, and how you say it)

  • your digital presence (what kinds of things you post online, how often you post, and how you behave online).

The way you present yourself says VOLUMES about who you are... or who you think you are! In short, your image is your personal BRAND! Remember that you are seen before you are heard, so learning to manage your image is a skill that everyone SHOULD (and can) learn. Whether you are a student hoping to impress your professors to be in the running for advantageous opportunities, a salesperson looking to close the big deal or get promoted at work, the boss needing to earn the respect of employees in order to be a better leader, or maybe you are just looking to shed your low self-esteem and step into life with confidence - managing your image is the key!

As an image consultant, I listen to my clients’ needs and goals and then partner with them to craft a plan to achieve those goals. I take my clients through a process of self-discovery where we identify aspects of their personality, determine their best color palette, help them learn to embrace and love their CURRENT body and dress it in its absolute best styles, and then work through any other facets of image that might be an obstacle to achieving their unique goals.

Managing your image is not about having the perfect figure, perfect hair, an expensive wardrobe, or being a slave to fashion. It is knowing what is RIGHT for you and then, doing THAT. It is knowing how to dress for and handle any social or professional situation with confidence. THAT is managing your image. That is what I passionately help my clients do.

So, do you know what your image is saying about you, and is it what you want to say? Pop your thoughts in the comments below and let me know!

Stylishly yours,


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