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Virtual Color Analysis: The Key to Elevated Personal Style

color analysis swatch fan
Are you wearing your best colors? A virtual color analysis session is just the thing to ensure you are looking your best.

July is upon us and summer is in full swing and that means many of us are traveling or busy participating in “on-the-go” activities. For that reason, I thought it might be fun to spend the month talking about my virtual service offerings and ways to elevate your style even while you are on the go. As an internationally certified Master Image Coach, I am trained to work both in-person and virtually with anyone in the world. A lot of people are not aware that they have access to my image services despite living far away or not having time to come into my studio! So, let’s get colorful and kick off the month by discussing Virtual Color Analysis!

Virtual Color Analysis is much like in-person color analysis. Using virtual drapes, I assess the undertone and overtone of a client’s skin to determine their most flattering colors for clothing, makeup, and accessories based on their unique skin tone, hair color, and eye color. Color analysis is used to identify a person's seasonal color palette, which includes a range of colors that best complement and enhance their overall natural features and personal style.

Traditionally, color analysis is done in person by a trained image consultant or stylist who uses physical fabric drapes to lay over the client's shoulders to observe how different colors interact with the client’s complexion, hair and eyes. However, with advancements in technology and the rise of virtual platforms, color analysis can now be conducted successfully online by a trained professional.

The process of virtual color analysis typically involves the following steps:

1. Submitting Photos: I give my clients a list of needed photos and request that they provide high-quality images of themselves, preferably in natural lighting and without makeup or filters. Images should clearly capture the person's face, hair, and eye color.

2. Personality Questionnaire: Each of my clients (both in-person and virtual) answers a series of questions to give me a better understanding of their personality and preferences, as well as their goals. Believe it or not, each person’s unique coloring is tied to their natural personality traits. This was an aspect of color analysis that I was quite surprised to learn when I trained in 2020, and as I work with more and more clients, I still remain fascinated by its consistency!

woman draped virtually for color analysis

2. Color Evaluation: After gathering all the necessary resources and information from my client, I conduct a virtual draping to assess undertones, dominant colors, and contrast level. At this point, my client’s unique season is determined.

3. Seasonal Color Palette: Based on the evaluation, the individual is then assigned to one of the seasonal color palettes within the 4X4 Color System (16 Seasons) ®. Each of the 16 seasons has a unique set of colors that best harmonize with a person's complexion and personality,

4x4 Color System swatch fans for color analysis

4. Color Recommendations: Next, I provide personalized recommendations for clothing, makeup, and accessories that align with my client’s seasonal color palette. Each client is sent a physical swatch fan of their 60 best colors and an eBook with detailed information about their season.

5. Styling Tips: In a one-on-one Zoom meeting, we discuss the results, answer questions, and additional advice is given on how to mix and match colors, create outfits, and incorporate the recommended colors into their existing wardrobe.

Virtual color analysis can be helpful for individuals looking to revamp their style, improve their appearance, and build a more cohesive and flattering wardrobe. It aims to enhance the person's natural beauty by guiding them toward colors that complement their skin tone and make them look radiant and vibrant.

While there are lots of apps and websites that offer DIY color analysis, consulting with a professional color analyst will yield more accurate results compared to relying solely on automated virtual tools. Color analysis is a discipline that can take years of practice to be able to see accurately and hone in on the fine details of a person’s individual characteristics. If you have never had your “colors done” or it has been a while since you did (yes, you most likely will change seasons over time as you age), I would love to be your color analyst! Now is the perfect time to do color analysis before time to put together your fall wardrobe. Click HERE to book your color analysis appointment today and let’s build a colorful closet together!

While seasonal color analysis can provide useful guidance, personal style, and fashion choices are also considered when selecting clothing and accessories. Next week on the blog, I will talk about how working with an image consultant can simplify your wardrobe and help create a cohesive look that feels authentic to you, so be sure to check back in!

certified image consultant Rebecca Doster

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