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Sequins: Sparkle and Shine This Holiday Season

One of the most fun aspects of my job is looking at trends each season and interpreting how to wear them for my clients. This season has not disappointed in providing fun wearable trends for a diverse assortment of body shapes, ages, style personalities, and budgets. One of the MOST fun trends of this season is SEQUINS! If you have been shopping anywhere lately you have probably noticed an inordinate amount of sequins everywhere and on all kinds of products. There is literally something for everyone, regardless of whether you are a pro at wearing sequins or not really ready to throw caution to the wind and unleash your inner disco ball!

Sequins often conjure up mental images of party girls in the 1920s or late '60's/early '70's and as such, many women steer away from wearing them. There is a fear that they will make you look too juvenile, too much like a party girl, too big, or too fancy (if there is such a thing!). When you know how to wear sequins, though, the game changes and you will discover the thrill and fun of wearing these little sparkly wonders.

1920's woman in sequined and beaded dress and pearls in front of antique furniture
1920's Party Glamour / Getty Images
1970's woman in sequin gown with blonde hair
1970's Sparkle (from Pinterest)

The earliest sequins on record were found in the Indus Valley and date back to about 2500 B.C. Sequins were also found sewn into the garments discovered in King Tut's tomb when it was opened in 1922. Fashion responded to this historic find by adding sequins to women's dresses and giving way to the elegant flapper-girl attire. While the original sequins were made of pure gold, when the fashion industry embraced them in the 1920s, they were made of metal. Today, they are made of plastic and come in every color in the rainbow. (A Short History of Sequins, Threads Magazine)

How To Wear Sequins

Wearing sequins successfully only requires a little knowledge of yourself and basic style principles. Knowing your body shape is the first key bit of information you need (and probably - as in all things style - the most important. Next, figure out which part of your figure you want to highlight and which part you want to play down. Then, think through your style personality and what makes you feel most authentically you. With these pieces of information, you are now ready to choose the perfect sequin pieces to add to your wardrobe. BONUS POINTS if you know your 4x4 Color System season as you will be able to select the perfect color to sparkle in as well! (If you don't know your season, book your session to find out today by clicking here.)

Knowing Your Body Shape & What To Highlight/What To Camouflage

If you have a rectangle, triangle, or round figure, a sequin duster is a fun choice and unexpected choice and can be dressed up with a slim black trouser. For a fun day-to-evening look, pair this duster with jeans and a cami!

To shop the items on this board, click here.

If you have a triangle figure, this next board is for you! The full sleeves on this cute sequin top will help bring balance to your figure. The bright pops of color keep the look fresh and festive.

To shop the items on this board click here.

The thing to remember with sequins is that they reflect light and can make any part of the body they are worn on look bigger. This is why they must be strategically placed in your outfit. They can be a great tool to direct the eye to where you want people to look and away from problem areas you want to play down. Sequins are also an attention-getter and have the potential to make anyone smile, They can also look cheap if not well chosen.

If you would love to wear sequins but are not sure about how to choose the right ones for you, call and schedule your discovery call today by clicking here. Let's talk about elevating your style for 2023 so that you can truly wear anything you want to and wear it well!

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