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The Power of COLOR

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

“Color is a power which directly influences the soul.”

― Wassily Kandinsky, Russian abstract painter and art theorist

As promised in my post last week, I am going to start breaking down the components of appearance and the tools required for building a strong visual image. The first and most POWERFUL piece of our appearance is COLOR! Color catches the eye and lingers in the mind more than any other piece of our appearance. I mean, think about it…if I asked you to describe your best friend to me, what would you say? You would probably tell me what color her hair is, her eye color and you might even tell me the colors she likes to dress in. We identify people and things in the world around us by color. If you go to a job interview, you can rest assured that when the interviewer is thinking over the candidates after all the interviews are done, he or she will recall the visual cues of the colors the various candidates wore to help them remember each one they spoke to. If you interviewed and chose not to wear a pop of color, you might not be remembered. Color communicates so many messages and actually speaks VOLUMES for or against us.

Now you are probably thinking “Great! How in the world do I choose a color to be memorable and make a good impression?!” And you would be right to ask. According to the website, “How Many Are There” ( ), there are about 10 million colors in the world! All those colors make life so beautiful and inspiring yet narrowing that down to a palette that will bring out your unique best can be quite the daunting task. This is where color analysis comes in!

Knowing and wearing your best colors can help you look younger, healthier, and more competent, plus you get the added benefit of the effect of those colors on your mood and confidence level. Colors speak a language of their own and each carries a unique message. When they are seen by the human eye, the brain thinks, feels, and attributes certain qualities to what or who it is seeing. For example, consider the following:

Blue is associated with trust, calmness, and traditional values.

Red conjures up messages of aggression, danger, courage, or sensuality.

Pink gives the impression of femininity, gentleness, youth, and romance.

Green is serene, peaceful, soothing, and nurturing.

Orange is lively, cautious, and playful.

Purple denotes royalty, wealth, flirtatiousness, and sophistication.

Grey communicates maturity and conservativeness but can be dull.

Brown is reliable, natural, conservative, and unassuming.

Black is powerful, formal, subdued, and dramatic, but can also be mournful and depressing.

White is associated with purity, innocence, and truth.

(taken from “The Evolution of Color” by Ferial Youakim )

Depending on the event or situation, when you know your colors and their messages, you can use color as a tool to get the point across effectively about who you are and who you are not. Earlier this week, I spoke with a client who is scheduled to give a deposition in court via Zoom. We discussed what she has in her closet and I advised her to wear blue with pearl jewelry. We have already done her color analysis, so we know the blue she has will make her pop on screen, but it will also send the subliminal message that she is credible, trustworthy, and reliable. The pearls are a conservative touch that will tell the viewers that she is stable and respectable.

Now let’s revisit that job interview scenario I mentioned above. Perhaps this interview was for a position as a bank branch manager. What are the qualities you would want to emphasize that might help you stand out and get the job? Clearly, you would want to be seen as trustworthy, stable, conservative, mature, and competent, maybe even with a touch of elegance. As your image consultant, I would recommend that you wear a navy or grey suit and use accessories in purple, navy, or green.

With a look similar to the one I have put together here, your image would speak volumes before they even called you back. You would start the interview with points in your favor and a positive impression would already be formed. You would also most likely give the impression that you are someone who would rise in the organization over time, thus before the interview even started, the interviewer would have formed an opinion of your ability…all communicated through your image.

Now, the second component to choosing which colors to wear (as I have previously mentioned) is knowing your best colors. This is where you want to invest in a color analysis performed by a professionally trained and certified color consultant. I am certified in the 4X4 Color System created by Ferial Youakim, and I help my clients understand their coloring and know the colors that make them SHINE, as well as how to use those colors.

Perhaps you had your colors done in the 1980’s or ‘90’s when it was all the rage to do so, but did you know that as we age, our coloring actually changes? For example, when I was younger, I was a Pure Winter, with ivory skin, dark brown hair and blue-grey eyes. Now, however, I am Toned Winter. My skin tone has changed, along with my hair color and my eyes have become lighter. The Pure Winter palette is now a bit too strong for me. When I wear those colors, the eye tends to see the color before it sees me. The goal is to find the colors that not only make your skin, eyes, and hair look healthy and vibrant but also harmonize with your natural coloring and create an overall eye-catching and pleasing effect.

For my readers, I am offering a special on my virtual color analysis services until March 15th. This service is usually $250, but until March 15th,2021, I am offering it for only $150. You will be sent specific instructions on how to take good quality photos using my "Ultimate Selfie Guide," as well as a brief questionnaire. Once you return that to me, I will analyze your coloring and then you will receive a digital color swatch of your 60 best colors, a 30-page eBook about how to wear your colors for maximum impact, and in a few weeks, you will also receive a physical color fan to carry with you as you shop. We will schedule a 30-minute Zoom call to go over your results and give you the opportunity to ask questions. To take advantage of this great offer, click here and use the promo code: COLORBLOG to save $100 on this foundational service.

I cannot wait to hear your thoughts about color. Please drop a comment below, and I look forward to working with you!

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