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Wrapping Up Summer &Moving Into Fall

What a summer! I know it has been a while since my last blog post, and there is VERY good reason! We had quite the crazy summer! Our family moved, my business got BUSY and I have been immersed in learning all kinds of new things and tools to make my clients’ experience ever better. (More on that later!)

As school is starting back and many of you are returning (or thinking about returning) to the office, there are several things to consider as we get ready for fall. Here in the southeastern United States, temperatures will remain quite summer-like for months to come, but there are still things we can do the get into the “spirit of fall.” Here are my Top 3 things you can do now!

#1 – Revisit your skin care.

Sadly, in the summer, all too often our skin takes a beating. With sun exposure, sweat, dirt and just being outside, our skin needs a little TLC to bounce back and glow. Investing in some good-quality, proven masks and exfoliation products is helpful to give your skin the boost it needs. Personally, I have different skin care routines and foundations for warm weather vs. cool weather and if you do not, I encourage you to consider it. In the summer, a lighter moisturizer is recommended as our skin naturally produces more oil and helps itself a little more readily. In the winter, the decrease in natural oil production combined with drier air causes us to need a little more help with a heavier moisturizer. Also, it is getting close to time to change foundation colors. If you are out in the sun in the warmer months, naturally, your skin will darken and thus, your foundation should be adjusted as well. As those tans are fading, however, you will need to lighten your shade. Now is the time to book an appointment for professional foundation matching and update your cosmetic colors while you’re there. I can help with that! Here are just a few of my favorite products to keep my skin looking younger, brighter and healthier:

#2 – Let’s Get in That Closet!

Even though the temperatures are still sweltering, there is a way to pull together outfits in your closet that say Fall without feeling heavy and sweaty. The first trick you can use is to pull the colors of fall from your 4x4 Color System Palette™. (If we have not done or updated your colors lately, click here to book that appointment today!) By using more fall-ish colors from your personal palette, you will not only look like you know what season it is but will also stand out and shine! (And talk about skin – your skin always looks younger, fresher and more even in tone when you wear the right colors!) Below is an example using my own personal palette – Toned Winter. You can see the digital swatch of my colors and then, examples of how to select outfits that say fall color but are rendered in lightweight, cooler garments. Change your accessories to items with a more solid look and VOILA! You are rocking the fall vibe!

Click here to shop any of the items in this photo:

#3 – Revisit Your Style and LIFEStyle

While the use of color is an easy way to look seasonally appropriate, we also need to think of what our life looks like this fall. Are you returning to the office after working at home for months? Are you starting a new job or a new role? Like many of us, are you dealing with a few extra pandemic pounds, so many things in your closet are not fitting quite right? Oftentimes, it helps to get a second set of eyes on your wardrobe that are not emotionally attached to anything in that closet! Someone to help reconfigure new outfits, help with tricks to camouflage problem areas and generally, freshen things up. That’s where an image consultant (yours truly!) comes in to save the day! As a trained, internationally certified professional image consultant, I help my clients clear out what is not working, rework what they have, and create a shopping list of items to complete looks and build a strong, cohesive wardrobe that works. I even create a virtual closet for them that they can carry right on their phone, complete with items to shop for and my recommendations. Simplifying your wardrobe is one of the most mentally beneficial gifts you can give yourself.

So, let’s get ready for fall. Stores and online retailers are beginning to show fall styles and it’s time to start creating those looks and prepping that closet.

Keep checking back each Friday for more tips on the stylish life. Next, I will take a few weeks to review the biggest trends for Fall/Winter 2021-22 and give suggestions on how to make them work in the real world of everyday, normal life.

As a special bonus, here is your deal of the week:

Click this link and take a look at Hush Puppies new line for fall. I am loving their collection! Plus, by using this link to shop, you will get a $20 discount on your order!

Until next week…

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